2019 AGM

The 2019 British Rafting Annual General Meeting will be held at British Canoeing offices on Saturday, 01st June from 16:00.
All British Canoeing and British Rafting members are welcome to attend.

The current committee will provide reports on the work over the last twelve months and propose plans for the next two years. At this meeting, the new Committee will be elected (see details below for nominations). Also at this meeting the membership will be asked to accept changes proposed to the British Rafting Constitution (see summary below).


Constitution changes:

Constitution changes are now in consultation. Consultation runs from 16th April until 23:00 on Sunday, 12th May. Full copy of the draft constitution can be found here.
All questions or queries can be sent to consultation@britishrafting.com

Summary changes to constitution:

  • Constitution will become Terms of Reference to reflect that the Committee is the Rafting Discipline Committee of British Canoeing
  • Clarify the accountability of the Committee to British Canoeing and the members
  • The current constitution requires all Committee members to stand down at AGM and all positions become vacant. Proposed changes will mean that Committee members serve for two years in their posts to ensure continuity. The requirement is a third of Committee members must stand down at each AGM to ensure that there is opportunity for new Committee members (details of how this will work for this AGM are detailed below under Committee member nominations)
  • Clarification over matter of business at the AGM including order of business and voting rights – this aligns rafting to other British Canoeing discipline committees
  • Confirm payment authorisations and align to other British Canoeing discipline committees


Nomination of Committee members:

Due to the proposed changes to the constitution, the changes to the constitution will be voted on before the election of committee officers. As such, due to the proposed changes to the constitution and ensuring that all business matters are conducted within remit of the current and proposed changes, the nomination to committee positions will be as follows:

  • All committee positions will become vacant at the meeting – as such, nominations to all posts can be made by any British Rafting member
  • Should the proposed changes to the constitution be accepted by the membership, the nominations to all posts will become invalid as not all committee posts will become vacant. The proposed committee positions up for re-election this year are (people stepping down to either be re-nominated or to not stand for election again):
    • Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Safety Officer
    • Events Officer
    • Communications Officer
  • Roles and explanations of each role can be found in the Constitution and Committee Handbook here
  • If you would like to be nominated for a Committee position, you will need a nominator and a seconder. Send an email to secretary@britishrafting.com and include all three people in the email detailing who is being nominated for which position and who the nominator and seconder are
  • Nominations must be received by 26th May @ 20:00 to secretary@britishrafting.com
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