British Rafting AGM

The time has come for us to hold our annual meeting at which several posts of Committee members are up for election. We will also be sharing updates on the past year and looking forward to our plans for the coming season.

The meeting will take place in person at the British Canoeing offices at Holme Pierrepont and online.
     British Rafting Annual General Meeting
     Saturday, 11th March 2023
     19:00 – 21:00

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Election of Committee Members:

All posts on the Committee are renewed every two years on a rolling cycle. 
The following posts are up for election at this AGM:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Welfare Officer
  • Equipment Officer

Incumbent officers are permitted to stand again for nomination. However, we encourage other members of the rafting family to join the Committee if they feel they have the experience and commitment to drive the rafting community forward.

Nominations to post must include the full name and email address of the person being nominated, the person who is nominating and the person who is seconding the nomination i.e. the email must contain the details of three persons in total.
Nominations must be submitted to the Secretary no later than midnight on Sunday, 5 March 2023.
All nominations are made to: Nominations not received to this email or by the closing date are considered invalid and will not be included.

British Rafting Constitution:
6.2 – Election of the Management Committee:

  1. All posts on the Management Committee are subject to at least biennial election
  2. Members of the Management Committee shall serve for approximately two years and shall be eligible to stand for re-election. A minimum of one-third of elected members shall retire at each Annual General Meeting
  3. Any Full Member (must be an active member of British Canoeing), who is a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age at the time of the General Meeting, may stand for election to the Management Committee if they give notice in writing, of their willingness to be elected and is nominated by two other fully paid-up members and such notice is delivered to the Secretary prior to the appointed time for the holding of the Election of Officers. The exception to this minimum age is for the roles of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Welfare Officer where the minimum age is eighteen (18)
  4. Nominations will only be taken during the meeting for positions where no nomination has been received in advance
  5. In the event of a contested position, each candidate will be informed of whom they are nominated against no later than seven days before the meeting (unless nominations were called from the floor during the meeting)
  6. In the event of a contested position, each candidate will be given the opportunity to address the meeting, followed by questions from the floor. A vote will then be taken by secret ballot. Only fully Full and Associate Members can vote. The ballot papers will be counted by three outgoing officers of the Management Committee selected by the Chair. The count can be observed by any candidate or their representative. In the case of a draw, the Chair will make a casting vote. The meeting will be informed of the result of the election by announcing the name of the successful candidate. The number of votes for each candidate will not be disclosed. The ballot papers can be inspected after the close of the meeting by any candidate or their representative
  7. Any person may stand for more than one office on the Management Committee but on election to an office they shall become disqualified from standing for any other office unless there is no other volunteer for either of the offices concerned when called for at the Annual General Meeting. The exception is that no single person may hold more than one post of Chair, Secretary or Treasurer simultaneously on the Organisation’s Management Committee at any one time
  8. Any candidate may revoke their own nomination at any point up to and including cessation of the business of Election of Officers. If this results in a Management Committee post then becoming vacant at the meeting, nominations to fill that role can be taken from the floor and must include any member who was originally nominated for the post if they were in contest with the candidate who has revoked their nomination
  9. All members of the Management Committee appointed at the Annual General Meeting shall hold office until their successors are elected at the next Annual General Meeting
  10. The minimum posts required for the Management Committee to function are Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. All other posts can remain vacant if there are no candidates nominated or selected into post. The duties of those vacant posts will then fall upon all those posts that have been filled. Any and/or all duties other than those of the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer can be delegated to any organisation member if required but that member will not have any voting rights on the Management Committee
  11. If no members are nominated, either in advance or at the meeting, for the posts of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, the current Management Committee will remain in post and a new General Meeting will be called when nominations to the three minimum posts can be achieved. This is subject to compliance with Sections 6 and 7 of the Constitution
  12. All positions on the Management Committee are honorary

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