The 2024 British Rafting National Selection Policy is now published – this policy is in effect for the 2024 race year. This policy sets forth the standards and requirements for teams wishing to be selected for the 2024 International Rafting Federation race year.

The policy includes standard British Canoeing appeals policy.

See the policy here

Please ensure your team are aware of the objectives of selection and read the 2024 National Selection Policy. Selection for GB teams will adhere strictly to the policy. The document also outlines the running of the event for all teams regardless of whether your team is seeking Team GB selection or not. The selection panel will not automatically select a team just because they are the only team, and only attending national selections and the WRC/ERC they have been selected for does not guarantee being selected again.Teams must truly represent GB respectfully, safely and then competently, and attend other GB/IRF race events and take part in the overall development of rafting in the UK (and the world).If you have any questions about the selection policy, process or any other element directly related, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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