Please note that by entering this event all participants agree to the following:

• All participants in your team are sufficiently competent to paddle on Grade 3
• All participants in your team are capable of swimming 25 metres fully clothed
• All participants in your team will wear ISO compliant buoyancy aid, and
helmet at all times while on the water and/or when bankside
• All participants in your team will wear footwear and water clothing appropriate
to the weather conditions

If the team are not competent to paddle unguided at the competition site, you must
inform the event organisers at registration so that a raft guide may be supplied to you.
Failure to declare this may result in the team being removed from the course before or
during competition and subject to disqualification from the competition.

Please also note that your behaviour at the event is subject to abidance with the IRF
Race Rules. This includes the actions of your team, your support crew, and supporters.
Section F of the race rules outlines the penalties which can include disqualification
from the event.

By entering this event each team member also personally agrees to the following
• I understand that white water rafting is an assumed risk sport.
• I understand and accept the risks involved.
• I understand that I am empowered to ask questions to gain a more complete
picture of the risks and take reasonable precautions to prevent damage to
myself, my team-mates, and other participants.
• I understand that I am expected to inform members of the Event Staff of any
relevant medical conditions that may affect my or anyone else’s safety.
• I will listen to the safety briefing before taking part in the event.
• I acknowledge that images and video of the event that may include me or my
likeness will be used by British Rafting and/or Paddle UK in the
legitimate interests of promoting raft racing and paddle sports in general in the
UK and abroad.